Princess Mononoke Japan April 29 - May 6 2013

April 29 - May 6 2013 - AiiA Theater, Shibyua, Tokyo - performed in English with Japanese surtitles

Based on Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki
and adapted by Whole Hog Theatre
Original music by Joe Hisaishi.
Adapted from the English subtitles of Hayao Miyazaki's film, with translation assistance provided by Yuriko Miyake.

Sponsored by: Walt Disney Studios*
Japan Partner: Studio Ghibli
Supported by: British Council*

With the kind permission of Studio Ghibli, Whole Hog Theatre and The Princess Mononoke Executive Committee (Dwango, Nippon TV Network, Nelke Planning, The Yomiuri Shimbun, Tokyo FM, Lawson, Entertainment Plus, Dentsu, AiiA, BS Nippon TV) brought the world's first theatrical staging of Hayao Miyazaki's renowned animated film back to its home country, Japan.*

Below is a video of the Press Conference discussing the show in Tokyo; comments in English at 4:09; 5:56; 17:09; 19:29; 23:50 and 26:56. You can also see some exclusive footage of the very first Moro puppet prototype - built in a weekend workshop from balloons, bed sheets and polystyrene.

The production in Japan played to around 10,000 people during its run and presented a short section of the production at Nico Nico Cho Party 2 to 30 million viewers online and 5,000 people in house.
Check out the production photos below! Photo credits: EIGA and Polly Clare Boon.


We were also priveleged and honoured enough to meet the creators of the film. Toshio Suzuki, producer of Studio Ghibli, told us how much he enjoyed the show and invited us to visit the Ghibli animation studios. The entire team boarded a train to the studio in a quiet suburb where we me Hayao Miyazaki who was charming, inspiring and faultlessly gracious throughout. Our tour of the studios was fascinating and exhilarating; we were so grateful and honoured beyond words to be invited. Here is a picture of us at the studio!


*Please note this information is true exclusively for the Tokyo performances, in the UK, Princess Mononoke was produced in-house by Whole Hog Theatre.