Doing It

Princess Mononoke undergoes further Research and Development in 2014!

We are very excited to announce that, with the kind permission of Studio Ghibli Princess Mononoke is currently in Research and Development! We were extremely proud of our production at The New Diorama Theatre and The AiiA Theater Tokyo, and look forward to working on a possible revival of our adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki's film Princess Mononoke.

The R&D period will see us develop our ideas further, making them stronger and better than ever before! Our puppets are being reworked, the set re-imagined, and Princess Mononoke's beloved characters more deeply explored through new approaches to script and staging. We've fallen in love with Princess Mononoke all over again, and can't wait to see what 2014 will bring!

Puppet designer Charlie Hoare has been working hard on improving and rebuilding some of Princess Mononoke's most loved characters, including the wolf-God Moro. On the left is a sneak peak of the recent trial fitting with performers Amelie Leroy, Victoria Watson and Jess Neale.

There has also been developments within the music department with some of the score being re-arranged, the changeover of a new flautist, percussionist and violinist, and also the inclusion of a giant thunder sheet!

Set Designer Polly Boon has been busy making for changes to the set, looking into working with different lighting and staging techniques to maximise the projections we used in the original production to bring the stage to life more dramatically. Recycled materials will still be being used as much as possible in all elements of the design of the production.

Alongside this, Polly and Alex have been working further on the script - honing and tweaking in based on things learnt from the first staging and feedback from audiences. The whole process is constantly changing and growing and developing and it is a very exciting time!

Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook and blog for updates on what the future holds for Princess Mononoke!

Special thanks for the R and D work to: Graham and Julia Ashley, Sharon Blake, David Byrne and everyone and The New Diorama Theatre, Dance Attic, The Vaults, Max Humphries, Janine and Bo Rutter, Chris Hislop, Vicky Rutter, Robert Bradish and everyone at Robert F Bradish Ltd., Max Blackman, Tim and Eileen Hoare, Myra Wood.